Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer


Yamaha being the pioneer of digital audio consoles, you already know the quality of the Yamaha CL5 mixer is top notch. Delivering natural sound with lots of “coloring” options, the CL5 boasts 72 mono inputs, 8 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses, and 8 matrices. Built in Dante provides flexible networking for a wide range of applications. Perfect for concerts or corporate events alike, this mixer is a work horse of the industry and a favorite among audio engineers.


Product Highlights

– Neve Portico 5033/5043 EQ & compressor, and other emulated classic compressors come standard in the console

– Dugan Auto Mixer: Built in 16 channels of auto mixing, great for broadcast or large panel discussion

– Dante networking: Now the industry standard in network audio protocol, Dante allows fast, efficient design of systems from the most basic to brilliantly complex.

– RIO3224-D: With the CL5 designed as a Digital Snake system it only has 8 local analog inputs, adding RIO Racks allows up to 64 more inputs via Dante.

– MY8-Lake Expansion Card: Gain more control of the console by adding on Lake Processing. 8-in/8-out in Mesa (system EQ), 4-in/12-out Contour (crossover), and 4-in/4-out and 2-in/6-out Mesa & Contour (combination) modes. With this on board you’re able to insert Lake on any input or output channel.

– Dugan MY16 Expansion Card: When 16 channels of auto mixing aren’t enough add the Dugan Card for up to 32 channels of control.



JBL VRX Line Array System

Shure ULX-D wireless microphone package, with Dante for monitoring on the CL5


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