Williams FM Listening System Portable Transmitter (8 pack)



Williams Assisted Listening systems, have long been a go to resource for any and all assisted listening demands in the event industry. The Williams FM based PPA T46 transmitter will broadcast a speaker’s voice or audio program on one of 17 available FM channels, 72-76 MHz, to listeners using Williams FM based receivers. The unit features flexible microphone and auxiliary input jacks, push-button on/off/mute controls, channel lock and selectable compression.  The T46 has the ability to operate in dual channel mode, allowing the user to easily switch between two different transmitting channels, each with its own set up parameters.


System Includes:

(up to 8) Assistive Listening System Williams Sound Receiver Beltpack PPA 458

(up to 8) Headphone dual ear Sony – stereo mini

(up to 8) Headphone single ear – stereo mini

(1) Assistive Listening System Williams Sound Transmitter Beltpack PPA T46

(1) Batteries Rail AA


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