Wahlberg Winch 10kg Motor

Small wire winch for dynamic movement of minor stage objects.


The  Wahlberg winch 10 is a small winch motor for lifting your medium sized props, screens, drapes etc. inside and outside the stage area. Several winches can easily be connected as a chain, allowing for advanced and creative ways of making dynamic movements of large items or a number of items.

The winch is controlled via 5-pin DMX, and hence movements on stage can be controlled in interaction with the lighting to add dynamism to the show. The Winch 10 has a lifting height of 10m (33 ft) and has a built-in positioning system which facilitates locating objects in the desired position.

The positioning system is controlled from a 16 bit DMX channel and is highly accurate; the winch stops within 1 mm. The speed of the winch is also controlled from the lighting desk, and it is possible to set the upper and lower limits of the movement of the winch, thus adjusting its range of motion.

230 V AC 50 Hz (optional/60 Hz) Only


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