Tripp Lite 2-Port DVI Splitter 60Hz/1080p


With Tripp Lite’s 2-Port DVI + Audio Splitter, you can transmit a DVI-D Single Link video signal and 3.5 mm. audio signal to two sets of monitors and speakers.  The Tripp Lite 2-port DVI Splitter supports DVI Single Link computer video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, and HD resolutions up to 1080p. The unit is HDCP, EDID, and DDC compatible. A built-in signal booster allows you to extend the distance between the splitter and connected monitors past the 16 ft. (5 m.) distance limitation.


Ports 2
Side A – Connector 1 DVI-I (FEMALE)
Side A – Connector 2 3.5MM (FEMALE)
Side B – Connector 1 (2) DVI-I (FEMALE)
Side B – Connector 2 (2) 3.5MM (FEMALE)


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