Sony HXR-NX5U Camera Package w/ Tripod


The Sony HXR-NX5U camcorder is the first product of the Sony NXCAM generation and a new category of tapeless memory camcorder, providing an ideal balance of power and performance in the digital age. Utilizing the revolutionary AVCHD format, this camcorder offers long duration recording – with dual memory slots – on affordable consumer memory cards. As it facilitates a totally IT-based workflow, the HXR-NX5U has the potential to profoundly change the way content is created. Simultaneous hybrid recording is available in HD and SD formats, using the optional HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit. In any format, breathtaking picture quality is assured with proven features such as a state-of-the-art G Lens and three Exmor CMOS sensors with a ClearVid array. Professionals expect this standard of picture quality from Sony and accept nothing less.


Package Includes

Camera LED Light Panel on camera mount Litepanels Micro Pro

Camera Sony HD (HCSD card) HXR-NX5U

Camera tripod Cartoni Focus HD (dual arm)

Camera media card HDSC 32GB

Camera power kit for HXR-NX5U Sony SHDCBP



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