Radial USB-Pro 2-channel Active Instrument Direct Box



If you’ve ever tried connecting the headphone jack of a computer directly into a sound system, you know that buzz, hum, and interference can completely ruin the experience. With Radial’s USB-Pro Stereo USB Laptop DI, you connect to your Mac or PC via USB (no driver necessary) and get crisp, clear 24-bit/96kHz audio quality. Two balanced XLR outputs let you connect with mixers and PA systems, giving you noise-free sound even over long cable runs.



  • Eliminates the hum and buzz from computer headphone/line outputs
  • High-performance 24bit/96k stereo direct box
  • Balanced stereo lo-Z output stays noise-free even over long cable runs
  • Connects to your laptop via USB
  • Lets you plug into balanced outputs via XLR cables
  • Driverless automatic install
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for monitoring


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