With one of the largest wireless microphone inventories around, A-V Rental Services has added even more of the top-of-the-line Shure wireless packages to our roster. Whether you choose Shure’s ULXP124/85-J1 or UR124D+/SM58-H4, you can’t go wrong with each package’s power, clarity and flexibility. Contact us today at 503-546-6415 or through our online reservation page for the perfect custom solution to your microphone and transmitter needs.


Shure ULXP124/85-J1

Shure ULXP124/85-J1 with lavalier and handheld transmitters

Shure’s ULXP124/85 wireless dual combo system features the ULXP4 Diversity Receiver, ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter, and both handheld and lavalier transmitters. The ULX-P is Shure’s Professional line of UHF systems with more than 1,400 selectable frequencies, lockable settings and automatic frequency selection for the strongest reception possible. Comprehensive LCD displays provide group and channel information on both the transmitter and receiver with RF signal information and two 5-segment LEDs for audio level on the latter.

Shure UR124D+/SM58-H4 with lavalier and hand held transmitters

Shure UR124D+/SM58-H4The UR124D+/SM58-H4 is a dual channel wireless combo system featuring the UR4D Dual Channel Diversity Receiver, two UR1 Bodypack Transmitters and two wireless microphones. With emphasis on flexibility and versatility, the UHF-R wireless system can utilize both individual frequency bands for up to 60 compatible systems or multiple frequency bands for up to 108 compatible systems simultaneously.

To learn more about Shure’s UHF-R products, visit this product page.


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